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10/9 Foundry Rd
Seven Hills NSW 2147

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SMD Cyclic Pty Ltd manufacture and distribute machines for ducted vacuum systems.

Our range of machines have been manufactured in Australia for over 30 years and are sold throughout Australia and overseas from our Sydney base at Seven Hills.

The company is family owned.

Cyclic machines are constructed from 1.1mm galvanised and powder coated steel and are designed to give many years of service.The octagonal shape of our bucket machines is unique and the cyclonic action compacts the dust on the bottom of the bucket for easy disposal. Machines also come with disposable bags. Details of our machines are shown in the main menu under the heading of Gold, Silver and Deluxe series.

We stock a complete range of vacuum pipes and fittings and these are available in kit form to assist with the installation of the system. Cyclic machines can be installed when your home is being built or can be easily retrofitted to any style home. A complete catalogue showing items and prices can be seen under the products menu item.

We stock a very large range of tools and accessories to assist you with your cleaning and dusting and these items can be added to your system at any time. We also stock dust collection bags which can be used with ours and some other central vacuum machines.

A catalogue listing these items is shown under tools and accessories in the main menu.

Finally, because we manufacture all of our machines we are able to design and build systems to suit any commercial or domestic project including hospitals, schools, hotels etc.