What is a Ducted Vacuum System?

A Ducted Vacuum System is the modern way to clean your home or business. The system consists of PVC piping installed in the walls connecting back to a Vacuum machine located outside your living area, usually in the garage. The Vacuum machine then collects all of the dust in either a bag or a bucket for easy disposal.
When a 9 metre hose is plugged into the inlet valves, which are strategically installed around your house, the machine starts and all dust is sucked through the hose and PVC pipe and is deposited into the Vacuum Machine.


Why install Ducted Vacuum?

Today’s domestic vacuums rely on very fine filtering to remove the dust, however these filters cannot remove all of the dust as the particles can be very small. The Ducted system takes everything outside the living area including dust mites, pollen and other allergens. It is essential for an asthmatic.
Because the size of a domestic machine is restricted, its dust collecting canister will need to be emptied many more times than the huge 40 litre bag or bucket which is provided with the Ducted system. The Ducted system generally creates a healthier environment and is easier to use.


Healthier, More Powerful and Convenient Cleaning

The Cyclic ducted vacuum machine is three to five times more powerful than a portable machine and whilst the horse power rating may be similar it is not horsepower which cleans your house. Horesepower or watts is the measurement used by vacuum manufacturers to indicate the power of the motor installed in the machine and tells you nothing about its cleaning efficiency.
Cleaning ability is measured in terms of airflow quantified by litres of air per second, it is not measured by horsepower, watts or waterlift. It is airflow that removes deep down dirt, dust mites, pollen and spores from your living areas.
A Cyclic vacuum does not need High Efficiency Particle Arresters (HEPA) used in some portable machines because all of the household dust is removed from your living area and deposited in an outside cantainer. A HEPA filter will arrest or stop particles as small as .3 microns but they are costly, cannot be cleaned and clog quickly. They are not intended for use in small portable vacuums.
Cyclic uses one or two bypass motors that have a seperate cooling and exhaust systems unlike some vacuums that use flow through motors where the motor is cooled by air laden with dust which has flowed through you vacuum system.
Finally, the addition of fans to the motor, often referred to as stages, will change the dynamics of the vacuum machine and will increase waterlift but at the same time it will decrease airflow and it is airflow that removes your dust. You are welcome to call at our Seven Hills showroom and see a demonstration of the advantages of airflow over waterlift.



Because the Ducted Vacuum motor is located outside your living and sleeping areas you can even vacuum whilst the children are asleep.


Easy Installation
A Ducted Vacuum System can easily be installed into any existing home it does not need to be installed when the home is being built.


A Cyclic Ducted Vacuum System adds value to your home. It can be fully installed from $1100 or pre-piped into a new home from $300. Cyclic Ducted Vacuums are designed to last for over 10 years so at this price it will save you money on domestic cleaners.